Thanks to those who have followed my blog so far, I know it is still early days and there are only a small number of posts but it is pleasing to know people appreciate reading it.

I have been in my force now for just under six months. In this time I have had to complete a workbook. The workbook consisted of 11 modules. Each module concentrated on a specific subject or department within the Police or Criminal Justice System.

For example, I completed attachments with CID, the Intelligence Unit and the Fingerprint Bureau. I was required to complete a workbook for each department which confirmed my understanding of each topic.

Early in 2010 I will be attending my training at a national training centre with the National Police Improvment Agency (NPIA)

There will be othe CSIs from other forces on the course also. The course is a five week residential course. Once I have completed this I will be expected to work towards another workbook and attend colume crime scenes alone for approximately six months. Once I complete the second workbook I will return to the NPIA for a further four weeks, after which I can attend major crime scenes alone when required.

I am very much looking forward to attending my training and will keep you all updated whilst I am there. You can find out more here.


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